World Unity Flag Movement

public - created 02/24/05
World Unity thru culture and activity. I'm a flag that needs your support, Many of us have been created by hand and we wish to be multiplied in the k-zillions for all earth beings to have. That way we actually feel unity.. Yes I'm a rainbow, But please do not confuse I for one community which also the gay pride community uses a 6 color rainbow flag. In the indigineous world I'm a sacred symbol of humanity. When a rainbow appears it signify's the energy in the air. So I have 7 colors and a nice gold and silver band and of course an Earth in the middle. Anyone can join, I'm a flag.. any culture, any tribe, any language, and yes freaks are welcome..Your talking to a flag.. To many few humans know of me and I'm allready working with some elements of the United Nations. Ziggy Marley has a copy of me, Micahel Franti, and various organizations and world networkers.. I've traveled and now its time.. Time is timelessness in flag world.. I don't like the flags that fight each other.. It does not make sense to me.. So Join my tribe and lets get it on..I wish to be re-produced in hemp someday, But I'm patient for you humans to catch up..So many can I say "stupid " laws that prevent hemp to grow.. Its only a plant.. So if wish more info check out our external website at: also
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